Do nonprofit HR departments need to change recruitment tactics?

Do nonprofit HR departments need to change recruitment tactics?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2023 | Non-Profit Organizations

The last few years have probably been some of the most challenging for any human resources department in America but probably more so for nonprofit HR departments. Finding good employees, and then retaining them, can be a constant focus for HR departments. As the workforce changed dramatically in recent years, some HR departments are finding new ways to address their employee needs.

For example, a recent news article noted that employees and potential employees nowadays are making some requests that they would have previously considered “nice to have” into firm demands. Employees want their employers to focus on their mental well-being, their opportunities for career advancement and, of course, higher pay.

Remote work is a huge part of the puzzle these days, but so is showing flexibility for parents who need to work around their child’s schooling and extracurricular activity schedules. Employees also want to see a path toward career growth within their organization. And, the “culture” of the company, particularly if it is a nonprofit organization, must be a fit for the employee.

Your recruitment approach

With all of these needs and wants in mind, some nonprofit organizations may consider a change in recruitment tactics. After all, if your organization has the right type of employees, who fit in with the goals and mission of your organization, the chances of HR disputes or even legal disputes will likely decrease. Happy employees usually are not litigious employees, and the right employment culture and attitudes can help employers minimize their potential exposure to legal risks.