When planning an event, tend to the legal details

When planning an event, tend to the legal details

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Hospitality Industry

A trade organization, education organization or other society of professionals will often want to have a major convention or exhibition.

There are many benefits, financial and otherwise, to these big events. They can, for example, draw in organization members and allies from all over the country and the world.

But working out all the details of these events is like planning a large wedding or family reunion, only on a much grander scale.

It can be easy to lose sight of the important legal issues amid all the other loose ends that have to be tied up to make sure these events go smoothly and end in success.

However, not being aware of these issues can cause serious headaches and costly delays. In the worst case, a legal oversight or error could derail the event altogether. Errors or oversights can also wind up costing the organizer of the event significantly.

What sort of legal issues might I run into when planning an event?

Many different legal issues might impact an organization when they are preparing for and executing a large event:

  • Vetting, negotiating and drafting of contracts will usually be an important detail for any major event. The contracts will cover a wide range of subjects, such as lodging, food, entertainment, and furnishings or equipment.
  • On a related point, even when an organizer has taken care to avoid it, sometimes disputes about contracts will erupt before or after the event. An organizer may have to consider initiating litigation or threatening litigation in order to protect their rights.
  • If someone gets hurt or sick at an event, the organizer may have to defend against a personal injury case.
  • Often, trademark and copyright issues come up in these types of events.
  • There may be matters of regulatory compliance to which the organization must respond. The event needs to meet the approval of interested government officials.
  • Employment-related issues might become a problem. Employment-related issues can also involve working with and properly classifying independent contractors who help with the event.

There may also be other legal issues depending on the type of event and the circumstances. Well in advance of the planned event, the organizer should make sure they understand their legal options and obligations and develop an appropriate strategy.